About us

When we began our character-based art brand, Pets Rock in 2008 our main concerns were, establishing a customer base, building our brand, developing strategy, and creating unique, quality artwork.

But there was a far greater problem we faced along the way.

One that had never occurred to us. As the recognition of our brand grew we were faced with a new problem, counterfeit. The same popular selling platforms on which we sold our products also became a hotbed for illegal reproductions of our hard work, featuring our characters with or without trademark. The level of counterfeit became a serious issue for us and consumed an ever-increasing amount of our time and money. Above all our licensees had become similarly troubled and our brand image began to suffer. We needed to take action. 

We decided to invest in takedown services and had vast amounts of listings removed but as fast as we had them taken down they would sprout back up again. It was both depressing and costly and we spent many years running in circles trying to stem the tide. There had to be a more permanent solution. And while we didn’t know it then, the answer we’d find was not only the best means of dealing with the scammers but also an opportunity to turn the tables on them.

Working with lawyers in the US we found a process that hit counterfeiters hard and where it hurt, their pockets. We were able not only to remove the counterfeit items from the sale but also to freeze the accounts of those infringing our rights. Not only were we dealing with the issue, but we were also being compensated for the damages caused. Illegal, potentially dangerous and poor quality items that infringed our trademark and copyright were removed from the market. Our brand became renowned amongst the counterfeiting community as a ‘no go’ for infringement and today we rarely find any counterfeit items for sale. 

We know first hand how damaging counterfeit is. As a brand owner both the financial and time costs can be crippling. 

We set up Edwin James IP to assist others facing the same issues.