How it works

Via our software and our trained manual researchers, we find your brand on counterfeited goods on a variety of popular platforms – Amazon, eBay, Wish etc

Our research team collects the necessary evidence to bring the counterfeiters to court.

At all stages you have full information, see all the evidence and approve all the items of counterfeit.

We present our findings in a filing to the courts in the US.

Around 30 days later the judge awards a temporary restraining order. The counterfeiters’ assets are frozen and their ability to sell on the platform is impacted.

Around 60 days later settlements are agreed with our legal team.

Around 60 days later, allowing defendants to respond, a final judgement order is passed and we recover the fess directly from the platform. Platforms then payout between 60-180 days later.


There are no upfront costs for the brand owner.

We recover our filing and attorney fees from the recovered contingency and compensation payments.

In addition, we distribute a proportion of the funds to the brand owner at quarterly intervals.

Fighting against the largest global criminal activity worth 1.7 trillion annually means removing all counterfeit is unrealistic.

However, these counterfeiters have their own forums where they share information and we normally get mentioned on these forums once we start filing and recovering funds from them.

This further deters counterfeiters from future listings unlike current cease and desist takedown methods.

Whilst we cannot categorically state this would never happen (you could be sued tomorrow for anything). With over 160 cases successfully completed our legal team has never been counter-sued.

We have a simple one-page document that you sign to allow us to do a pilot project on your behalf for 12 months to remove offending counterfeiters from the eCommerce platforms and to recover contingency payments.